An afternoon of Proverbs

I found a very interesting ka-book at the Kenya National Library this afternoon. It has proverbs from all over the world and their meanings. And yeah ! it’s so little, pocket sized infact, but it’s a philosophy power-book
I plan to borrow it after am done with exams, probably Friday when my spring holiday begins. A peek preview ……… some of the interesting proverbs I came across as i flipped  through,
He who likes cherries soon learns to climb — German proverb
Never let your education interfere with your intelligence — American proverb
Money has no smell — English proverb
Camels, fleas and princes exist everywhere — Persian proverb

Spring is sooner recognized by plants than by men — Chinese proverb

An elephant does not die of one broken rib — African proverb

God writes straight with crooked lines — Portuguese proverb


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