Affrimative action !!

The week, yah I know it’s been only two days, is going well and No! the title doesn’t mean I started some feminist movement rather it’s my state of mind to people, to opinions and to situations. In my about me on this blog, I write that “I love life, I strive to see the positive in all situations”. I strive to abide by this mantra though sometimes it can be quiet a challenge.
Why the long story? At my campus, one has the liberty to select courses based on their needs, time and Lecturer. This is a wonderful system as it enables one attend to their other responsibilities at a pace and schedule comfortable to them. Unfortunately, some students form a habit of avoiding Lecturer’s who they perceive as strict or demanding. It may be a good thing to some but I think it’s unfair to judge someone on people’s perceptions or just one incident.
Yesterday, a number of my ‘to-be’ colleagues dropped the journalism class I had today simply because they heard from the previous class the guy taught, 3/4 of them flanked and had to repeat the course. Is this a good enough/valid reason? From my affirmative mind action, HELL NO! Often you get the grade you deserve, you can’t plant mediocrity, copy-paste, last minute rushes and expect to come out ‘flying with colours’ Never ever!
I know, I know, sometimes you work so hard but shit happens in the exam room but if you are a good student, it’s easy to request the instructor for a ‘make-up’ assignment or remedial lesson.
Then again, there are Lecturers who are plain sadists, I know one. He has senselessly under-graded me twice despite being my exemplary student (if I must say so myself). Gave me no opportunity to remedy my errors or atleast extra work to compensate. Yeah, this version is not objective, coz that’s a relative concept, neither does it have a right of reply, coz it’s my blog not his, ha ha!
Let me justify this, it makes no sense to PRETEND all that has been learned in a semester, which is loads, can be COMPETENTLY evaluated in one and a half hours, in three to six questions ???? eish! Maybe all exams should include random oral exams to gauge how well the subject has been understood.
All that regardless, it’s still wrong to see someone through other peoples’ often judgmental eyes. I actually thought today’s Lecturer to be a nice man and above all, backed by his academic and professional background to be qualified beyond reproach.
And to all those who dropped the class, who knows? You could have been among the 1/4 who passed the class.

Allow your most positive, affirming feelings to fill your awareness.
— Ralph Marston


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