A Purpose-full Life 

This week I had a few dental issues I needed sorted. After months of ignoring the pain, trying home remedies and eventually sleepless nights, I had reached the end of my tricks. There was no other way, I just had to see a dentist.
Monday morning found me seating in her (dentist’s) reception wondering why the other patients with prior appointment before me couldn’t just give up and reschedule to another date and time. Never mind I was a walk-in patient.

From the decor and setup of the dental clinic, to the kind of reception I received and the apology by the doctor for keeping me waiting, all my fears of dentist eroded.

And when it was my turn to go into the treatment room, the lady doctor requested me to hold on for a few minutes as her assistant sanitized the room and equipment in between patients.

I then got into, got my dentals checked, was sent elsewhere for dental x-ray, brought back the results and had to have an appointment scheduled for a later date as I went home with a cocktail of antibiotics in readiness for the necessary procedures to permanently solve the issue.

Enough of the backstory.

Here is what was so clear to me.

My new dentist is 100% living her purpose. How do I know this? Well, we live in a world where we are constantly pushed to make a living through what we studied in University or whatever other career we are in. But I could tell Dr. Faith (that’s my dentist’s name) is not running a clinic just for the financial benefit, she is most importantly in her area of assignment. A God-designed assignment.

Her excellency, politeness, commitment to doing her assignment right is exceptional.

And of course, as a woman I have a gut feeling regarding people I encounter and more so, as a Christian, I have the spirit of God as my compass. I knew that this lady was in her purpose. This was confirmed when I went back yesterday to have the procedure done, she is consistent in character and excellence as the first time I met her. My husband who was with me and was meeting the doctor for the first time confirmed the same too.

My confession

I am thoroughly challenged, inspired and in awe of Dr. Faith seeing how she is in her true element.

No, I don’t want to be a dentist, (though the money is tempting. Her services don’t come cheap), I just want to tap into that feminine realization of what my purpose in this life is, how to boldly step into it and thrive, how to utilize my gifts and skills to  bless humanity while profiting from them, and all that comes with being a woman living a purpose-full life.

I may not all the answers , but what I do know however is what God tells me in Ephesian 3:20 that I am His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that I should walk in them.

And in this I have full confidence that like Dr. Faith, I have a purpose in this life to serve God and bless humanity.


Do you know you purpose? Look to your Maker, for therein lies what you were created for.




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