A pleasant surprise

 Today has been an exceptional day. Getting greater things than I had expected is certainly a bucket load of sunshine.
I had applied for a position in campus as part of a year-long committee that presents the opportunity of a lifetime. The interview was rigorous and I gave it my best. I knew I did well so I expected to get the position. What I had not anticipated was to be recommended for a higher post, heck! the highest post!
When the news was broken to me, I couldn’t believe. I kept thinking it was a dream and soon I’d be back on earth, that was until I saw my name on all campus noticeboards in bold. What a feeling! I felt like I could fly.
I entered class and my colleagues referred me by my new title; being called editor-in-chief in a journalism class is an honour and trully humbling.
I am grateful for the panel seeing the potential in me.  Brace yourselves for the best yearbook ever! and that’s a promise.

Now faith means that we are confident of what we hope for, convinced of what we do not see.
Hebrew 11:1
Being great doesn’t necessarily mean being impressive, or being obsessive, or being anything other than how you sincerely wish to be. Being great means being great at being you.


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