5 Things That Keep Us Forever Young

1. Cultivate self awareness

Know who you are then bring it into oneness the body, mind and deeds because our soul does not want us to be in conflict or ill!

2. Laugh

Laugh…because it feels awesome! It spreads good vibes everywhere and it promotes
loads of yummy sensations and vibrations throughout the body. Yeah!
3. Sing (or at least speak with passion and heart).
Sing, hum, chant, cry out…just let it out. 
Don’t be afraid, there is no right or wrong. We are born with this beautiful
instrument; our voice. 
We are meant to use it. Speak with love and inspiration…it’s pretty much the same
as singing.
Also, it feels good. Don’t hold it all in…let it out – it’s good for you!

4. Move

Bad posture can lead to really deformed spines. Bitterness can lead to a permanently
miserable looking expression on one’s face. As long as you’re alive, move. Even if it’s
just wiggling your fingers, your toes and your nose…just keep moving!

5. Love

…it all. That includes and really starts with you! Make a conscious choice to love
everything…the good, the bad and the ugly. It keeps you more filled with joy, as 
opposed to hating it all, which will just make you old, bitter and dis-eased!
embrace these five things everyday
and enjoy eternal youth!


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